My go to hair & skincare products for backpacker on the go.

My go to hair and skincare routine for a girl (or guy) on the go.

As we know many of us will encounter varying types of weather during our travels. From the humidity and sweat of a Hawaiian summer to dry chapped skin in an Oslo winter.

If you’re like me you may struggle with problem skin from time to time. I’m very much one of those people with combination skin and hair.

The minor issue I have with this is that I don’t want to overload my backpack with heavy products but at the same time I don’t want to sacrifice my basic hair and skincare routine either.

So below I’m going to include my go to products – suitable for dry, oily and combination skin as well as my favourite shampoo/conditioner for both dry and greasy hair.

If I can I try to keep my go-to products as eco-friendly and as natural as possible – however there may always be variations.

These are just my recommendations based on many years of trial and error, you folks may wish to try or opt for other or similar products.

* Disclaimer, I am not a beautician nor a skincare specialist, I highly recommend seeking advice from a professional if you are considering changing up your routine for problematic skin issues.

1. Witch, Naturally Clear – Oily/Combination skin.

When I feel any blemishes coming on I’m quick to whip out this little guy. Packed with Witchazel extract this product helps to fight bacteria on the face as well as break down any excess oils.

Naturally cleansing and toning, all you need are a few dabs to the problematic areas – Of course I would recommending using this on a freshly washed face first.

Plus an added bonus is that this product is teeny tiny pocket sized and will barely take up any space at all.

2. ‘Honey I washed my Hair’- shampoo/conditioner bars – Lush for Combination hair.

The moment I discovered these my hair game changed forever. Simple, compact and perfect for anybody wishing to free up space in their backpacks.

These nifty bars are made up of amazing natural products such as honey (a great antiseptic by the way) oatmeal (a natural exfoliant) and smell amazing too.

They come in an array of natural ingredients and scents and really do work wonders.

I chose the ‘Honey I washed my hair’ as this one really works for my greasy roots and nourishes my brittle ends.

For hair which is more dryer, I would recommend a more coconut based bar such as soak and float.

You can also purchase a tin to keep them safe on your travels. I can get up to 80 washes out of mine so it’s definitely worth the £6.50 😀

Added bonus – the ‘Soak and Float’ is packed with Cade oil, derived from Juniper and has long since been used to help treat psoriasis and eczema.

3. Raw Honey – Oily skin

Aswel as an antibacterial, raw honey is also used to help calm and soothe sore skin breakouts. Keeping skin moist but not oily.

Simply lather between clean fingers and use as a mask for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Bonus tip, as a natural antibacterial – raw honey back in the day was also used to sooth sore, itchy skin and aid heal cuts and scrapes.

I prefer the one from I-herb which I discovered in California.

However there are many alternatives at your local markets and health food stores.

Alternatively you can opt for raw honey bars and soaps – preventing exceeding those liquid restrictions at the airport.

4. Palmer Natural Cocoa Butter – Dry skin and body – Travel size

Both gentle for face and body, Palmers cocoa butter is deeply nourishing and natural (plus smells amazing) absorbing quickly into the skin without feeling sticky.

I live by this stuff! As I suffer terribly with dry, chapped skin during the winter. This is ideal for dry to very dry skin.

Travel sizes are available.

5. Avène – SPF moisture combo

I’m often asked why my skin looks so great, my secret is simple. I use Avène (or any SPF 30) on a daily basis, even on a rainy day.

Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays No matter the weather is vital both health wise as well as the added bonus of appearance.

Avoiding dark spots, premature wrinkling and dryness.

Both a moisturizer and skin protector, you would be crazy not to.


  • Avoid toners where possible, toners strip your skin of natural oils and can leave your skin dry and irritated.
  • A clean facecloth and hot/cold water is most effective – makeup wipes merely remove makeup fully, particularly sweat and dirt.
  • Opt for water wipes if you have no access to water taps at the moment, natural and ideal for freshening up.

Have you tried these products too, do you have any other recommendations?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to hear your hair and skincare favourites on the road.

Stay safe, stay hydrated and take care of yourself.

Happy travels xo

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